Meet Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson studied piano at the Zion Conservatory of music in his youth. He attended Carthage College, where he earned a degree in Vocal Performance and had extensive studies in piano pedagogy.

As a performer Andrew Johnson is a member of the Milwaukee Symphony Chorus and was the tenor for the Milwaukee Symphony Quartet. He has been a soloist for the Milwaukee Chamber Choir, Mastersingers of Milwaukee, Waukegan Choral Festival, Kenosha Chamber Choir, and Kenosha’s Sing-a-long Messiah.


Carthage College

Bachelor’s in vocal performance

Share your favorite show / play / production and why!

I have always loved Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi! Along with having some of the most beautiful and exciting music in opera, the tenor has the atypical role of being the villain. For tenors, it’s a very fun break from always being the protagonist!

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